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Consider getting involved with Common Purpose, training now to Get Out The Vote in the November 2018 Mid-Term Elections:  

Common Purpose is a Seattle-based community program focused on voter mobilization and community building.  Common Purpose trains and connects individuals to civic engagement volunteer opportunities.

Our mission is to bring people together in a caring community to strengthen civic engagement and shape public policies to benefit people and the planet. Here’s how we support our mission:

  • Hold monthly Citywide Events and promote other CR! events and other organizations

  • Publicize ways for each of us find ways to plug into the issues and causes that “light our fire”

  • Facilitate Neighborhood Groups so neighbors can work on what’s important to them

  • Provide information vetted by one of our members on a multitude of subjects –

Together and in community, as actively engaged citizens, may we continue to find ways to create a world and a future that works for all!